12 Quick Powerful SEO Tips to Increase Organic Traffic

12 Quick Powerful SEO Tips To Increase Organic Traffic


Google is getting smarter day by day, making it difficult for web owners to gain organic traffic. It is vital for SEO experts to keep an eye on the latest Google algorithm and work accordingly to ensure the organic traffic keeps driving into the website. When you hire an SEO Company in Delhi, like the Digitalize Today, they work on ethical ways to ensure that there is a good flow of organic traffic. 

Marketers work hard on creating techniques to gain good traffic for websites. Moreover, they focus more on outdoing competitors. Professional social media marketing company in Delhi like Digitalize Today work on implementing ideas including creating better pages and faster websites. In this post, we have broken down 12 quick powerful SEO tips to increase the organic traffic that can work best for your website:

1. Test Your Website’s Performance In Search Result

Sreenchot from sureoak.com

Sreenchot from sureoak.com

One of the 12 quick powerful SEO tips to increase organic traffic is to check your website performance in the search result. You can do this by heading over to a free tool like sureoak, a universal tool helping to determine your page ranking based upon the keyword search. The goal is to make your website rank top of the search engine list. Higher the rank means higher the traffic which as a result will boost the overall ROI of your Business. Professional SEO Company in Delhi will work on this aspect ensuring your website ranks top in the search engine.

2. Improving User Experience

out dated website

When we talk about user experience of your website, we do come across website design and development. Website Development Company in Delhi NCR will work on multiple aspects to ensure the user experience is good. Poor qualities of sites are less likely to rank and Google does the job perfectly to determine the site quality. If your site loads slow and is outdated, then users are likely to bounce back to the SERPs and click on other websites. This way you have lost a potential visitor and customer. SEO companies usually use tools to check the over performance of the site and user experience. With the use of these site audit tool you can determine the weak aspects of your website.

3. Optimizing The Site Voice Search

voice search

Another 12 quick powerful SEO tips to increase organic traffic is to optimize the site for the voice search. According to some data, more than 25% of US adults use smart speakers to find any information. The number is going to hit 55% by 2022. Moreover, 65% of people owning Amazon Echo or Google Home use voice search to find any information. It is vital to optimize your website content as per the keyword or snippets used by users. Using long-tail keywords and structured data will help you to optimize your voice search accordingly.

4. Improving Existing Content

great content

Website content is what you cannot ignore, when it comes to gaining organic traffic. If your existing content is old, then creating new content by using the right keyword, proper flow and subheadings will work best. Rectify issues related to existing content and create a naturally used content for the best result. Rectify the mistakes in the topic having no keywords. This will likely help ranking up the website and drive in traffic

5) Send Emails To Users Linked With Your Service

sending emails

Backlinks work as an important factor, but link building is vital. You need to find the prospect, find their emails and convince them to link with you. If this looks a daunting task, then send emails to people who link with your website. There are different tools like the Link Outreach tool which are easy to use. However, make sure you don’t ask for a link in this email. The main aim of sending out mail is to make a contact and start a conversation. If the user finds you content unique, the user will click back to visit your site.

6) Adding Internal Links to New Pages

Internal links

Internal links are basically backlinks from one page to another of your website. This is one of the best 12 quick powerful tips to increase organic traffic. If you have content with backlinks on your site, the reader will stay for a long time on your site. For instance, if the content talks about “top 10 smartphones under $265” you can backlinks the content with similar topics but with higher or less pricing written already on your site. This is one way to gain organic traffic to your site. This way the user can stay on your website for a longer duration of time. 

7) Design For Mobile First

mobile speed

Whether you deal with e-commerce business or any other service providing company, it is best to design your website for mobile. More than 80% of Smartphone users browse through their handset. It makes them feel easy and handy to browse and order products. This also means that the mobile version of your site is crawled and indexed than the desktop version. Hiring website development company in Delhi NCR that also does the designing work will prove beneficial. So, it is vital to focus more on the mobile version of the site to offer a great mobile experience to users.

8) Focusing on Topic Clusters

topic cluster diagram

Google’s intention is to understand the intention of users. What they expect, what they are looking for and what result is best to answer their query. This is where a small snippet of your website information will work. When you focus on topic clusters, concentrate on your target audience and organize your content into clusters.

9) Conduct Annual Content Audit

content audit

Content audits are a great way to ensure your website stays high ranked. Content audit involves analyzing pages of your website and to check whether they are updated on a timely basis. In case, your web traffic has decreased, then surely you need to work on your web content.

10) Writing Long-form Content

long content

According to the SEO study by Backlinko, long-form content tends to accumulate more backlinks resulting in better rankings and traffic. However, you don’t have to keep every post in long-form, but only those which require good details. The blog should answer queries and detailed form. It will help your blog to rank in the top page of Google SERP page. 

11) Taking Advantage of YouTube SEO

youtube seo

Another one of top 12 quick powerful tips to increase organic traffic is using YouTube SEO. The platform has more than 2 billion monthly active users and can be a great tool to gain traffic. Agencies like Digitalize Today, the leading SEO Company in Delhi help web owners by implementing SEO-friendly video ideas, creating thumbnails and creating video playlists. When it comes to YouTube, social media marketing company in Delhi can further assist in this area.

12) Keep Monitoring Competing Backlinks For Underperforming Content

content monitoring

If your website isn’t ranking on top, then your competitors have more high-quality backlinks. If pages that outrank carry more websites linking to them, this can be holding your web traffic. So start monitoring people linking to less deserving content. Do check back linking tools that provide results about underperforming content.


Applying these 12 quick powerful tips to increase organic traffic will result positively. However, it is quite obvious you won’t be able to manage everything and work on gaining high traffic. The best option here is to hire SEO Company in Delhi with expertise in this area and gain better traffic to your website.